Air contained by my ear! HELP!?

I just come off a plane 2 days ago and i still hold air surrounded by my ear. Everytime i try to blow it out by holding my nose, the conflicting ear pops. I also tried yawning but it hasn't worked. It's starting to get on my nerves. Any suggestions.

Try chewing some gum.
Get a cutip and put it contained by alchol, and put 1 drop in you ear, next act similar to you're trying to get hose down out by hitting the opposite side. Repeat and repeat until its gone! This MIGHT lend a hand!
try chewing gum
Yawning or swallowing is usually sufficient to unpop your ear.

Yawning works best if you do it at invervals during the plane ascent/.decent to hold the pressure difference low. If yawning doesn't work for you any more, try eatting a meal or drinking... the feat of swallowing often help to equalize the pressure.

Atleast you won't be hungry afterwards.

Regardless of what you do, it will eventually go away on it's own.
Friend this not nouns, it is because of closure of eusctian tube, to open you btube please do valsalva manoever, which clearly helps you.

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