Are doctors competent to get relatives live an extra 500 years?

Like can a doctor give you a contemporary heart?Or when you get old-fashioned and your bones hurt will they be able to replace the doomed to failure bones and give you clean bones?

Nope, not with medical science as it stands today, it isn't possible. But sometime in the adjectives it may be.
NO, the oldest person so far is 112 years matured so you got a ways to walk
It's impossible to "replace" ALL the bones in your body. When someone dies and after years of deterioration, the end thing intact are the bones.
As far as the heart go, how long do you think a heart can live? It requirements blood to pump, so 'taking someone else's heart and putting it in another' is far more difficult. Read up on heart transplant surgery.
I don't ponder so but if you ever read the book The Lake House by James Patterson,they thought so and they also made children who could fly like birds.
unhappily not, everyone gonna expire sometimes. Even with replacement parts those empire have to own them changed every 10 years.
Not possible now. Happens sometimes contained by sci-fi. The general proceedure would require the qualifications to clone specific body parts for maintenence replacement -- like the heart. However, the better scenario would be to simply replace the entire body at once. That would imply that we would have to preserve cloning our bodies over and over, and these bodies would have to be brainless. Then, the surgeon, who would own to perfect brain transplantation, would simply move the brain, memories included into the bright body --- or even better, have an clean brain cloned with the hot body and transfer singular the memories that you want . Pretty sure most of this stuff is a long way contained by the future.
Nope, but I assume that research now are going to get further surrounded by their medical production of the sciences of living longer...
The bible states "Man shall live to be 120".I doubt any doctor can help you live to the ripe older age of 500.I haven't even heard of anyone livivg to 120.Some own tried,but they died trying.
no and i dont think you would want to live that long not thing how healthy you be

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