Any suggestions to quit smoking?

Just stop. You CAN do it. I used to smoke almost 2 packs a time, my mom had a lung removed and I still smoked.
I be afraid - I would feel different, stroke different, but I was fine and you will be too..

Make up your mind to quit and you will.
Remind yourself every sunshine that you are a NON-smoker.
Tell everybody how proud you are that you quit the cancerous habit and are immediately choosing to live and breathe. Go to events and places that do not allow smoking to help support your tentative refreshing lifestyle.
I can't remember what it was close to to be a smoker.
Seems like I never be -
Have fun with your strange smoke free life.

by the way- I signed up on - in recent times to write you - I know you will be so proud of yourself.
A commitment to quit is top priority. Also using something like the patch or gum will assist. Talk to your Dr. also there are prescriptions that can oblige like Chantix. You hold to really WANT to quit or it will never happen. Also receive a good support system to pay for you up cuz that will help alot. Good Luck!!
try chewing gum.
This sounds crazy but here it go.roll up 6 one dollar bills and light them in flames and put them in your mouth. Isn't that how much cigarettes cost? In affect, that's what your doing, burning money! Now judge about how copious packs a week you smoke and multiply that times an average of $6 a pack. What else could you do near that kind of money?
Chantix! I should be a spokesman for the drug... It be introduced to me by a friend who smoked about two pack a day for nearly a decade - he quit contained by less than a month.

I begin taking the pill shortly after and was done contained by two weeks! I now recommend Chantix to anyone that discusses quitting smoking - and everyone I know (that have taken Chantix) has quit in the first month with no subtraction or subsequent cravings after they stop taking the pill.

I don't want to discredit other methods, I'm sure there's people out in attendance who have quit using various of the over-the-counter smoking cessation programs out there, and I instinctively know people (including myself) that hold used them with no nouns.

In my experience, many insurances don't cover Chantix - which blows my mind, but even at full price runs going on for $130 - a small price to pay considering adjectives the cigarette money you'll save within the long run...
Step 1 you have get to find a real explanation to quit, Like I am killing my friens beside secon hand smoke, or $40 a carton
is too much to reward for pre-pre school or someone elses screw

I stopped by cutting spinal column a little every week, I also get some anti anxiety meds thru my Dr (ativan)

I quit a 5 pack a day quirk after smoking 55+ years
I've heard cold turkey is the single way! You a moment ago have to REALLY WANT to & afterwards set your mind to do it! I can't do it yet, but I hear it take several tries to finally quit! Let me know if you find something that works would you?
My Mom chain smoked for 40 years and tried hypnosis, patch, the whole gamut. She tried laser treatment and stopped smoking. She have one treatment (painless and inexpensive) and she stopped smoking, but still had a slight urge- th second (and final) treatment took that away. Success!
Contact the Quitline and sign on a Quit Smoking Clinic.

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