Any condition pros out in attendance? My Mom passed away surrounded by March due to neglegence at the nursing home.?

She had pneumonia, a severe uti, and her blood be beyond too thin. They didn't make a contribution her the antibiotics that were prescribed by the doctor.
Anyhow, she be on blood thinners due to having have 4 strokes in yesteryear. However, she wasn't eating that end week and they gave her an I.V. Does that enjoy any affect on the blood thinner or were they giving her too much blood thinnner and not checking it? When she get to the hospital the doctor said she may have bled to release from just a gash. Her blood was something approaching 8 times as thin as everyday.
Does anyone have any information on this?


sue the nursing home
You have need of to have a chat to the doctors/nursing home staff who be dealing with your mother. There may enjoy been a function why she wasn't given the antibiotics - it may not have be negligence. You have a right to enjoy some answers relating to your mother's death, her robustness beforehand and her treatment - it will also help beside your grieving. If there have been any ill-treatment, get hold of yourself a lawyer and return with it sorted - but make sure you are okay emotionally until that time going through this. Stay strong - you'll get through it!!
First of adjectives I'm so sorry about your mother. Your first step would be to see why her antibiotics be not administered. Were the antibiotics to be given orally and she wasnt taking them because she wasnt consumption? As far as her blood being too meagre, her doctor should have be doing checks at least every two weeks or even more to see what her INR be (this is the test that tell how thick/thin your blood is). I would be sure to do some questioning not single with the nursing home but beside your mothers doctor.
Sorry about your mom. Nursing homes are never anyone's preferred place to be and sometimes things do obtain missed unfortunately also. You should be capable of get the doctor's chart and the home's nursing chart and you may find some answers.
My experience lately next to my dad and the hospital even showed many communication breaks between the doctor and the hospital, so I'd look at the charts. It could be the doctor said he be going to give antibiotics but they weren't ordered and/or deliver. I had to view and push for my dad's regular pills at the hospital every day. You would dream up after dealing with the nurse and pharmacist sooner or later you wouldn't have to travel through it again the next but I found I have to watch and ask give or take a few every pill - and this was a hospital!
Blood thinner is it's own nightmare for plentiful. I've been on it for 12 years and dad the concluding 6 months. There are lots of things that can change the dosage. Eating change are a big one, so going from real food to an IV probably did own some effect. However the doctor I think would own had to sign rotten on the IV and he is the one that would have to check the blood thinner smooth. At least I don't know of any nursing homes that enjoy equipment to do it, although now that they are coming out near a home monitor it might be a nice idea for nursing homes to look into. Again though they would not be capable of change the dosage minus the doctor's orders. Don't clutch the comment about bleeding to destruction from a scratch to the extreme because it is that path for anyone on blood thinners just possibly a little faster if extra dilute.
Do the research but I'm guessing if you can find the holes it will be communication between the doctor and nursing home.

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