I am taking amitriptyline and the papers that came near it says its used for depression. However, I own been looking around here and it sounds similar to its for headaches. Now I did budge to the doctors over the fact I own headaches so it would sort since that he gave me headache pills, but I be told it was for depression(I also told him I be feeling depressed during equal visit) and the papers that came next to it say so too. Which is it?

Amitriptyline is used for several different purposes.
It be originally intended for depression, but now is not usually prescribed for depression alone. But since you complained of headache, I'm sure your doctor intended to take comfort of both problems with one drug. It is a great drug for chronic headache as well. It is also prescribed for boldness damage and neuropathy. Sounds as if you enjoy a reliable doctor since he prescribed one drug to take exactness of both of your complaints instead of loading you up with multiple scripts, as alot of doctors do in this day and age. Also if you have question about drugs that are prescribed to you, you can other as a pharmacist when you are filling the prescription.
Good Luck, hope it help with your complaints
I own seen this medication ordered for chronic headache and migranes. It is also used as an antidepressant. You own to take it every light of day for it to work as either. It is not something specifically going to take away a headache close to, say, an aspirin will. Its more of a preventative type med. Your doctor should enjoy explained that to you. You could also ask your pharmacist. Im wondering why your doc didn't explain what he/she was order for you?
Many medications are used to treat masses different conditions. Usually, when an anti-depressant is used for other purposes, such as headaches, it's at a lower dose than what a entity would need if they be being treated for depression. As for the color of the tablets, it depends upon if you own a generic brand. If you are depressed, I'd be surprised that the first medication you're given for it were amitriptyline.
its if truth be told has several uses 1. anti-depresant 2. anxiety 3. sleep aid, amtriptyline or elavil- brand heading of medication.
I'm taking amitriptyline too and for me its used for chronic pain-relief. It IS and antidepressant in larger doses but contained by small doses taken daily (i.e. I'm on 10/20mg a day) it is an forceful long-term pain murderer. It doesn't work like a paracetamol where on earth you take it AFTER you grasp the pain, you lift it BEFORE so it helps shrink the pain you take. Hope that makes sense :)
If you are on a on a daily basis dose of approx 50mg then its person used as an anti-depressant. One symptom of depression is headaches so conceivably your GP has granted to treat the depression to see if that aides to headaches.
Mine are also blue.
Amitriptyline or Elavil is a great drug when used correctly to treat headache. I prescribe it for adolescents all the opening up to the elderly who have headache and sleep disturbances. In low doses it serves those purposes in fixture to being a great anti-spasmotic for collar pain.
It is an anti-depressent at highly developed doses and most of the weight gain side effects transpire at those doses. If your doctor prescribed a dose under 100 mg which I assume he/'she did to start out beside, it is just for the headache.
Also, the pill color may vary depending on the generic company who make it.
Give it a good 90 days to own an effect on the headaches..purloin an hr before bed to avoid over sedation and attain regular sleep. Keep track of the severity and intesity of the headaches to detail the doc on followup..good luck!
biodisc and live wet might help you.
check it out yourself
May you be economically and happy other

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