Sore Heel but single one. What is problem and how to treat it?

My left heel have been sensitive after walking for a while now. The right one is relatively normal and a daylight of walking doesn't bother it, but the left heel feel hot and sore towards the end of the daylight. Beyond this there is no blatant damage. What is this expected to be and beyond using an elasticated tube bandage to protect my heel, which I am doing, plus cushioned insoles surrounded by my shoes; how else do I sort this problem out?
(Resting my feet entirely is not an route as I'm a chef and hence on my feet adjectives day.)

Place an rime pack on the heel for ten minutes, several times daily. They should abet take down some of the soreness. I importantly recommend you see a Podiatrist who can give you professional treatment. There's other a possibility of something going on that needs medical treatment.
It is probably to do near the tissue in your foot/pressure on it etc. the best entry to do would be to keep the weightiness off it as much as possible and to conceivably book a massage on it to take rid of any toxins that may have built up within it that can sometimes cause the problem. Ultimately, the best item to do would be to go to the doctor. In the meantime, go in swimming it in reheat water while you are sitting watching Tv or something, this should relief soothe it. Good Luck!
Treat with hot and cold and rest whenever possible. If you are already using support and cushions this could be a bony condition for which you necessitate help. Get to see your GP when you can.

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