Are here any righteous over the counter throbbing reliefs for trapped nerves?

ive been using ibuprofen but dream up i need something stronger, any counsel welcome..appreciation.

Seriously go to a doctor. I've have my share of nerve / vertebrae pain and the over-the-counter medicine just don't do it.

If you insist on going next to over the counter only, do lift advise from the pharmacist, but a combination of paracetamol and ibuprofen may relief. But not much.
Go to a doctor !
i also have pinched nerves surrounded by my back and down both legs, the best entry to do is exercise try simple stretches to loosen the tightness of the muscles. it will also help to use rime paks for inflammation. Motrin is very rugged to tolerate make sure that you lift it with food it can be unbelievably harsh on the stomach. you may want to see a Dr. he /she can be more functional. good luck
Yes, run see your doctor. You won't get much better than ibuprofen over the counter and doesn`t matter what you take won't release the backbone.
You need to remove the aching - not cover it with medicines/chemicals. When a resolve is physically trapped it hurts. See your Doctor and get sent on to someone who can press your body to un-trap the nerve. That path you deal next to the cause of your stomach-ache.
Good Luck - to finding the right person to help out you.

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