Acid!! Heartburn!!?

seems similar to i'm getting these more noticeable a week or so prior to my time. it's killing me - it's so burning contained by my chest and up my esophagus - i tried the foam barrier tablets and try to get through right...i hate the fear, and it's constantly there!

stir see your Doctor. I was given some pills this time, but it sounds similar to what I own. It really sucks doesn't it. I also use the over the counter stuff like Zantac for the heartburn, if it's my stomach I use tums, or something similar to that. I have them at work and home so I'm all set if anything happens, you should try that.
I still reccomend going to The doctor so he/she might be capable of do tests and be capable of tell you for sure what it is, and exactly how to treat it.
Prilosec OTC!
I gain terrible heartburn, and usually a nice cold drink solves it.
Could be a Heyerdahl hernia, do you consume profoundly of tomato products.
Try a teaspoon of apple vinegar. You may have an hienal hernia. phone the doctor to get some guidance for treatment if this is the case.
my doctor give me some samples call Zegrid. You need to cart something as it can really damage your esophagus plus you lose sleep, you can inhale it within your lungs etc...
Try to keep track of what you are consumption within in the order of 8 hours prior to an attack. Take that info to a doctor and have yourself checked out. There are a little things that could cause that symptom (1) reflux, (2) carbuncle, (3) gallstones, or (4) hyper acidity to autograph a few. Because the symptoms are persistent, I wouldn't throw away time trying to treat it will over the counter remedies which could only cloak a more serious problem.
Do not lie flat. Keep the person in charge of your bed elevated when you sleep. Be sure to see your doctor, you may have more going on than OTC meds can filch care of.
Time to phone up your doctor. Your symptoms are progressing, and there is no obligation to suffer while trying over the counter medication.

Your doctor will be able to do some test to determine what is causing your heart burn, and prescribe the proper medication to relieve your discomfort.
I be diagnosed with Acid Reflux a quantity of years ago. Both eggs and tomatoes seem to kind it much worse. I also have cut spinal column on caffeine - especially late within the day. I took ranitidine for a long time consequently switched over to Prilosec - ranitidine was cheaper but quit working after a while. Now the doctor have me on Protonix. You need to achieve this under control because the bitter in your esophagus can incentive severe damage. Sleeping beside your head raise slightly can help too if you own problems at night resembling I did.
Priolsec OTC.. then receive to u'r Doc... u'r damaging u'r tube. He can confer u something for the acid & serve heal the tube. I purloin Nexium, the purple pill & it works.

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