Anyone enjoy RSD ?

This has to be the most bloody thing I enjoy ever had.

havent have it but treated several patients with it and it really does suck. try physical psychiatric help b/c that helps most of the time. if pt fail then try accupunture (i hold seen that be successful surrounded by a few cases). best of luck
I've had RSD for 12 (almost 13) years very soon, in my moved out leg. I was 12 when I get it from twisting my left ankle. It's within my left leg from my toes to almost my knees.

What treatments have you tried? The first poster said that physical dream therapy is important, which is true. However, it works best when combined next to other treatments.

The first step is usually a series of sympathetic nerve blocks (lumbar sympathetic for lower limb or stellate ganglion for upper limbs). There are lots of medications to try too, resembling antiseizure drugs that may help composed the signal from the nervous system (Neurontin/gabapentin and Lyrica, for example---but nearby are many more). Tricyclic antidepressants (Elavil/amitryptiline and its relatives) are also a first-line dream therapy, because they have be found to have some effect on neuropathic throbbing and are also helpful for sleep. There are tons of other medication as well. Those are only just usually the first two types tried.

If all of those things don't work lastingly, there are still lots of things to try. I have a bunch of continuous nerve blocks (tunneled epidural catheters or TECs) which really help me a great deal, even putting my RSD into remission! I also have a spinal cord stimulator (SCS) which helped, although I eventually have it removed. There are even treatments beyond those things. I really believe that right now, it's possible for a moment ago about everyone to find a treatment that will at least possible greatly improve part of life.

Keep probing for information. I recommend finding a good online community so you can hold in touch next to others who are going through the same piece. It's really helpful, emotionally, to know how to talkt o somebody who knows what it's close to! If you haven't already, search yahoogroups for RSD. You'll be amazed at what turns up!

Good luck!
I own RSD/CRPS. It certainly is the most uncomfortable thing that I've ever experienced. I've have it for about a year and a partially now. I get it from a knee surgery that I have, and my body just completed up reacting to the surgery that road. I have a Spinal Cord Stimulator which have helped beside some of my pain, and you can obtain more information about it here: You can also procure some more info at You can e-mail me if you would like. I know how impossible the pain is...pious luck!

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