Any tricks for getting out a stubborn splinter?

I have already tried the syringe and tweezer method and a saline soak. This baby is contained by there and it is getting too sore to even touch anymore. Anyone know of cement or soak or ANYTHING to get this entity to come out on its own?

Here's what my grandma used to do to
draw any impurities from the skin, such
as boils, full-size pimples, splinters, etc.
Break an egg into a bowl. Pull out the
skin that's inside the shell. Wet the
area to be drawn and lay or wrap the
skin onto it until the skin dries. If the
impurity does not come out-wet the
skin and keep on awhile longer. It should
loosen it enough for you to receive it out.
If it's really down there, you may entail
to go to ER and return with it cut and removed.
Soak in amazingly hot Epsom Salt water for a few minutes. Get it as hot as you can stand it, consequently try again with the nozzle and pull out next to the tweezer. Good Luck!
If it is getting sore to the touch try wrapping the area beside a good glop of any antibacterial first aid blend like polysporin and see if it will work itself out on its own.

If any of it is sticking out and it is too fine for tweezers, sometimes sticking cassette to the splinter will lift it out.

The other entity is the soak takes a long time. If you didn't donate that baby a moral hour in the hip bath - consider trying it again.

If you see any sort of red line develop (almost looks resembling someone is drawing a line away from the wound) to be exact a sign of blood poisoning and needs on the spot treatment - you may laugh - but my sister get blood poisoning this way.
Leave it alone for a light of day, but in the meantime put some polysporin on it to avoid infection. When your finger calm down, go rear to soaking in hot hose b/4 digging with a sterilized plunger. (hold the needle over a flame. Be discreet not to burn your fingers!
Let it be a while,, it will fester up and the pus will pump it out.
If it is too painful, apply any biddable triple antibiotic ointment beside lidocain and a bandaide and just resign from it alone a few days..
(Scotch) tape will do the trick

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