Adderall and dull pain meds please lend a hand?!?!?

im on adderall for my add, im getting a procedure done to be exact going to be painful & the dr will be prescribing me meds for my distress. is it bad to pocket the 2 together? & what pain medication would mix economically with the adderall so i wont own a bad allergic reaction?


Oh my, I can't believe the answerers beforehand me!! Guess thats what we get for anyone on here so early surrounded by the morning!! lol

I'm sure that since you are having some sort of procedure, your doctor know that you are on the adderall. Just be sure to remind them when they write your prescription for pain medication. Just trust that the doc know what they are doing, and when you go to the pharmacist to stuff your prescription, ask them for their advice as ably!!
Good Luck
Why haven't you spoken to your doctor about it? He/She should know adjectives medications you are currently taking.

Talk to doctor and stop seeking medical guidance from Yahoo!
Get off the adderall, you don't own ADD that is a bullshit disease. Smoke some pot you will regain your focus on what really interests you and not some corporate drug manufactured to hold you a drone.

As for pain pills, try valium or vikodin after move onto percocet and oxycodin.

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