My dentist give me some meds for a toothache finishing week but presently the unbroken departed side of my mouth hurts.What isit

Basically, my one of my molars was contained by a lot of twinge which in turn give me a bad headache. I go to the dentist that day and they give me an antibiotic (they said it was an infection) and a spasm killer. Also, they told me if the antibiotic didn't work I'd probably enjoy to have a root conduit. Now the pain is on the entire moved out side of my mouth (gums, teeth and even my jaw). Should I make another appointment or keep on out the medicine, which I enjoy 3 days left of?

Call your Dentist, explain that it get worse as you did here. If it is an infection it may have spread and you may be within danger of sepsis, if it's not an infection later you probably have another problem which requirements immediate attention.
travel back to the dentists
man progress to the dentest now you dont call for an appointment,
Don't wait it sounds resembling the infection has spread and you have need of to see the dentist today. Good luck
sounds like an infection. you necessitate to see a dentist ASAP
Don't delay see your dentist today.

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