Anyone know of a ice pack for sensitive skin?

I have a cut on my arm and a I put a nouns aid on it last dark. When I pulled it off today, YOW! Painful and red.

Does anyone know of a group aid where the epoxy resin isn't super duper strong?

something like melolite secured beside tubigrip would be very hypo-allergenic - as no glue but you kinda have it your in one piece arm!
Instead of using adhesive on your skin put some qauze or telfa over the cut and consequently wrap stretchy gauze around your arm and apply tape on that to preserve it in place. That agency no adhesive is touching your skin.
I am allergic to anything by elastoplast, My skins swells up and get all itchy. Generally I use shops own brand plasters and they are fine.
.You enjoy a few options:

1. There is this article called "newspaper tape" which you can use with gauze.

2. Instead of "rag tape" there are in a minute tapes call "For Sensitive Skin"

So look out for those two.

3. You could try the liquid decoration aids that they're coming out with very soon. I've heard they work!

Hope that help!
I have the exact same problem, because of my diabetic skin.. I tried so plentiful things..and found these work best:

For large abrasion, I use something like Stl_grrrl described: a sterile, non-stick gauze wad in a range of sizes
(I use Kendall Curity brand, but there are plentiful brands available) and
wrap it with Dynarex sterile conforming Stretch Gauze Bandages (the cotton bandage aren't stretchy enough to preserve the gauze pad within place).

For smaller cuts, I use PLASTIC QuikStrips Bandages. I used to get them at Rite-Aid but they don't transport them anymore. But I found them online and bought a box of 100. You can put them on with one appendage (after you remove the sterile wrap), because one side of the bandage have a very tenancy adhesive and the other side have a regular adhesive that doesn't irritate my skin. Check MooreMedical online...they may still enjoy them.

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