Accident please give support to?

My fiance tripped on a magazing today and we are almost positive that he either fractured the factor of his wrist right below the thumb or tore a ligament.... So what I was wondering is what can we find around the house to out of harm`s way it and what kind of medication can he take to at smallest ease the distress for the next 4 hours..

certainly you could splint his wrist with the magazine itself... curl it uparound the wrist so he cant bend it consequently tape it around carefully. You could use a couple wooden spoons from the kitchen with cartridge. or take a sleeping pillow and wrap it around the arm BUT it will be awfully bulky! It will protect it from bumps and more niggle though. You need to own him go seize it looked at so it can be splinted properly or casted. hope this helps... fitting luck!
Just a few days ago i hurt my hand, up until today they thought i have torn a ligament underneath my thumb. But then today the call and said that they looked over the x-ray and it turns out it was fractured. for my niggle i just took discomfort killers, even though it be still very bloody it took away most of the pain! My arm is surrounded by a plaster because of the injury but anything to keep it still will assist, keeping it still is not part of the heeling process but it help with aching management. Good luck, hope he feel better soon!
call 911, after they will instruct you what you will do, or get any cardboard, flat surface to splint the injury. remember the leap RICE - R for Rest the affected portion; I for Immobilize; C for compress the E for Elevate the part. bring to nearest hospital.

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