Accident at home...inevitability guidance?

My fiance tripped on a magazing today and we are almost positive that he either fractured the constituent of his wrist right below the thumb or tore a ligament.... So what I was wondering is what can we find around the house to out of harm`s way it and what kind of medication can he take to at most minuscule ease the stomach-ache for the next 4 hours..

if truth be told you could splint his wrist with the magazine itself... curl it uparound the wrist so he cant bend it later tape it around safe and sound. You could use a couple wooden spoons from the kitchen with cartridge. or take a sleeping pillow and wrap it around the arm BUT it will be awfully bulky! It will protect it from bumps and more stomach-ache though. You need to own him go attain it looked at so it can be splinted properly or casted. hope this helps... honourable luck!
You really need to see a Doctor. I broke my wrist several years ago. I wait to have a Doctor look at it. I still own some days when it really starts hurting. It was because I didn't get hold of it taken care of right away.
Please move about see a Doctor !
Ice it and take some advil (4 advil = 1 prescription strength Motrin 800). Be creative making a splint if you don't own the appropriate first aid supplies - you can use anything hard for a splint (wooden spoons, rulers, any surplus wood you may have surrounded by your garage from home repair projects, even a remote control! Just have it long satisfactory to immobilize the wrist so he can't bend it (about down a remote control is more than sufficient). Tie it in place near rope, socks, panty hose, duct tape, etc... If you don't want to run to the hospitals emergency room (who requirements to sit in one of those for a few hours) check to see if you enjoy a "walk-in" or emergent care department not attachd to the hospital - they typically open early than your regular MDs office and will probably not be as busy as the emergency room - plus they usually treat injuries ahead of ancestors with the sniffles! Good luck
Ibuprofen -double dose for inflamation.
wrap near brown bandage wrap and maintain elavated. ice if it help with stomach-ache.
Sound like he broke his scaphoid bone, here's a relationship which should help.
Go to a Doctor. If he doesn't own one go to the ER, you obligation an x-ray of that wrist, there could be trash and if not treated correctly, unalterable damage. Tylenol will work for the stomach-ache, if it doesn't go to the ER, don't double dose medication, there is a apology they give you directions. Overdosing on Ibuprofin can end in severe stomach problems.

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