Any one out there famliar with or work with insurance companies on arbitration of a reconstructive proceedure?

United Health Care has denied two seperate claims to repair my severe belly button hernia and diastasis( separation of the abdominal rectus muscles) due to trauma of multiple pregnicies (3) and My ab muscles are mot protecting my intestins OR my abdominal decending aorta due to the CT scan results. I TRIED to get a general surgeon to do it, but they say only a cosmetic doc does this type of reconstruction... Very similar to a tummy tuck... but it is NOT. Insurance denied coverage for it EVEN though 4 DIFFERENT DOCTORS say I shouldnt sit on this too long for A small blow or kick from the kids could cause intestinal tearing causing me to become septic, the intestins could come through the belly button, and I need my muscle wall closed up ASAP. Docs have sent leters to company stating in great detail how NECESSARY this is but they still refuse to cover they think its for cosmetic reasons. If I arbitrate it, 1st,... how... 2nd, what else could i say to get them to understand??

sorry for the is a pay tham, and when you need"em, they dont care

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