Abdominal Gas/Air/Popping?

For about the past year or so this has been occurring but the past 3 days its almost every 5 minutes. Right above the waistline in my left abdominal area (around where your forearm hangs in a standing position) Its very hard to describe but it feels like there is gas and it starts to make very quiet popping noises and it feels like someone is thumping me there from the inside. Its not painful at all but VERY annoying as sometimes its very audible. The only way I can explain what its like is that its like a mini whoopee cusion in my left abdominal area that someone sits on at random times. HELP. should I be worried that its happening more often?

The left area that you are experiencing this pain is the descending colon. You could have a backup in your intestinal system. Toxic waste can cause more gas. You need to start taking metamucil powdered fiber supplement, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. This is going to start getting the waste out of you. I also recommend a high fiber diet. If you eat too much fiber that can cause you more gas, I recommend the metamucil, brown rice and oatmeal. This should start things moving and getting the waste out of your body. Try this for one month. If you don't see a significant change see your medical doctor.

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