Have you have rotator cuff surgery?

i recently have surgery to have my rotator cuff repaired, and im contained by agony! i have dicussed this beside my doctor, and i understand it take a long time to heal, and that it will be really aching for awhile, but i want some feedback from people that hold actually have the same surgery. its VERY self-conscious all the time, it pulls, it burns, its exceptionally swollen, and i cannot move it AT ALL!! please share with me your experience near it, describe the pain, and how long it took to catch back to majority activies. thank you for your help!

You are not supposed to move it at adjectives. How long since you had the surgery? Your arm should still be surrounded by a sling. I think mine be for 6 weeks. The only time you should be moving it is when at physiotherapy. Follow the therapist instructions. The pain does carry better, slowly. Everyone heals at a different rate. It is not an natural recovery but eventually you do recuperate. Some are slower than others. It took a year before I be ready to step back to work.(heavy lifting job) Do not overdo or you'll wind up up having it to do adjectives over again. Be patient.
My brother contained by law have that surgery last year and he get a infection...it spread to his blood and he is real sick...be in the hospital for 9 weeks and presently it has eat threw his bones in his put a bet on and taken 3 vertibre.he may never walk again.adjectives from a infection he got from the hospital...and didnt know it he thought he have the flu and couldnt get rid of it..he be in twinge the whole year.presently hes addicted to pain pills too....PRAY FOR HIM PLEASE.
I ams orry to hear ythat you're contained by pain. Shoulder surgeries are NASTY. in that for there will be lots o spasm. I know people who've have shoulder surgery and they all said it hurt similar to HELL!! I hope you feel better.

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