Condition made worse by my current situation, what should i do give or take a few it?

i have varicose vein and i know the job i am doing is making them worse. i did enjoy most removed from one leg, but was warn that i have in poor health veins and more hold begun to appear. i am covered by the disability descrimination work as the condition affects the work that i can do, my employer took on board my condition and offered me the livelihood with an unpaid 15 minute break (i work 4 hours per shift, 3 shifts per week). but could not submission me a stool or seat at the till point as they said it would breach condition and safety. what i want to know is should they be doing more? should they be giving me a rewarded break? i'm considering going to the doctor but have a passion that he will say that i call for a 10 minute break every hour (my employer would prob. only propose these unpaid as the company cannot even afford to pay overtime, and in attendance would no point me keeping the job). or he will tell me to donate (which i don't mind doing if i have a well-mannered enough apology, as health comes until that time work).

The first thing you call for to do is go catch a good two of a kind of support stockings at the drug store. You do not need extra breaks you call for support stockings from the drug store and a good two of a kind of work shoes from a brick an mortar type shoe store where they in truth measure your foot and fit you for shoes.
Why don't you go to your local citizens suggestion bureau? They should be able to extend some advice on your permissible issues with your livelihood and as for your legs, do you massage them? That may help out a bit if you do it on a regular basis and when you win a chance, lay on the floor and rest your heels against the wall beside your legs elevated. That's good for circulation. I hope thats some give support to.
i suggest finding another job where on earth you can sit down.
Well heres the thing lawfully even with your condition he doesnt necessitate to give you a break until every other worker get one wich is every 6 hours! if you need to help yourself to a break you will get one but you cant expect your boss to recompense for it. I would advise varying jobs or asking your doctor on ways to relief your condition. I also have varicose vein and i work on my feet 10 hour shifts! you simply need to find whats right for you :)
Good for you for giving it a travel. Technically your employer is only required to hand over you a 20 minute rest break if you work more than 6 hours, so he's already doing more than he need. I cogitate it sounds as if, in the extension, you'll have to move out and seek a sedentary brief.
I understand you are allergic to the support stockings which is a shame. Try taking a horse chestnut supplement. It is specified to increase blood flow => increased circulation. An aspirin every day is also a obedient idea - it thins the blood, making the blood flow better - working similar to when you put grease in your saloon.
leave the livelihood your boss is bloody tight and unsympathetic
I think you will enjoy to change job, but get another one until that time you do. You will need a mention from your present employer so when the time comes be honest with him it nearly other pays off surrounded by the long run. He has done what he believes to be his best for you so exit on good lingo, times may change and you will want to work for him again perchance in another firm.
if u grasp a note from ur doctor axiom u must have frequent brakes 4 condition reasons than he should hold to do more go and consult with ur doctor report him the whole situation and see what he Say's.its worth a try.
varicose vein can b caused by standing the vein get clogged within places u will need a post ware u can sit down more.

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