At what age do you stop growing?

im 21 years old and im 5' I gonna grow any taller than this? I hear that you stop growing at 25 but i havent really grown any since high academy, so does that mean im done growing? Or will I sprout I don`t know 2 or 3 inches more within the subsequent couple years?

Development can go on until 20-22 years (as for the teachings tooth, i.e.), but anyway, it's quite not likely to grow 2-3 in. more at 21!! The most subdivision of the bone growth happens during the youth and often the sexual nouns runs together, but after 18 years it's not common have a great height increase. At most minuscule, your height looks contained by the norm (complete), so just don't hold to misrepresent promises!
Males around 18
Females around 15
Sorry, I dont think your going to grow anymore.
I go from 6'2" to 6'3" in my twenties.
That vary. I'm 13 and it doen't seem close to i'm gonna be growing anytime soon. My feet are still size 4s.
at 21-22 you will stop growing
sry- deem you are done!
its true that males do stop growing around 21- 23 - you might be lucky and get a bit more - prolly not inches worth

the masculine brain however hasn't fully matured until age 25 - reached fully developed ratio of white to grey matter - structural things (who know what effects this has on actual reasoning capacity and other things)
it realy depends on individual when you done growing. But normally, manly will grow till age of 25 ( however, the percentage is very massively small). If u stop grow since u in illustrious school, it probably method that u have done growing. Sorry to utter so !
upon average men stop growing at 21, women at 18. it is however possible to keep growing til your 25 indeed, but its smaller amount and less plausible that something is going to change, especially if you hold had adjectives 3 growthspurts already. its not ging to matter more than an inch or 2.

5'6 is a fitting height. i resembling short men
~You're all done dude. It's a heck of closely better than 5'3". I'm short, but you learn to live beside what you've got. You aren't THAT short, so don't sweat it.~ =)
I a short time ago recommend you get A LOT OF SLEEP, drink right food, exercise. Goodluck for the next years...

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