Am I a bleak girl?

If I have lone slept with 4 guys contained by my life time?

Yes you are doomed to failure...but you are bad for posting this contained by the Mens's Health section. You naughtly little Vixen you.
Depends on how elderly you are.
Depends how old you are..
and it also depends on what you feel for these 4 guys.
Depends on your age and religious views...if you are approaching 14 and believe in no sex since marriage after probably yes.if you are in your 20's and dont strictness about religious view regarding sex after NO
Your not bad only just could not be classified as a Angel
if your like 13-16 YES
if your close to 19+ NO
only if ur 18 and above.
i'm sure you made the guys in good spirits
am i one of the 4
Your age is the bar to which this give somebody the third degree is answered. However, and I suspect I am right if you were surrounded by your 20s or older you wouldn't be asking this press. I suspect you are likely a young person. And while I think four is a bit more than you are probably competent to handle emotionally it doesn't generate you bad. Keep surrounded by mind sex is almost always better surrounded by a committed relationship.

You only are a fruitless girl if you feel you hold done something bad, merely you can make yourself perceive bad. Basically, don't sweat it.
Depends on your age and nuptial status?

If you are 10... it's bad.
If you are 20... your an honest young person
If you are 30... i presume you had long relationships
If you are above 30 and's disheartened!
You ****! You told me you're a virgin!
Stop keeping score and you will quality better. It is nobody/s business how many you own slept with. So it somebody asks simply ask "why do you want to know" and bestow it at that.

Are you a bad being? no.
no it means youve simply had sex next to four guys..i mean if you rlike 14 and already slept beside 4 dudes...then i deliberate thats a bit bad...ur track to young.but i show if your older approaching in ur 20s within is nothing wrong beside that...
FREAK! YOU DISGUST ME! dude. wait till you catch married. acutally, it's too late.
Why is it that most girls are so self conscious in the order of their sexual history? Whie on the other hand most guys could vigilance less how oodles partners they've be with. I would say-so that if you have doubts later your probabaly are a little desperate girl.
"Only" four guys? I think that expression say a lot roughly the sexual viewpoints individuals possess during our time. Fifty years ago your own mother would have kicked you out of the house...and they stayed married, living contained by a society much simpler than ours - and relatively speaking, a much more pleasurable one.

According to Christianity, yes you are bad for more reason than one just similar to us all. No honourable man is turned on to hear that a woman has have past sexual partner, regardless of how few.

Fortunately, many are not Christians, and they give the impression of being to like experienced folks. In that case enjoy sex all you want since such society only spectacle you as a piece of *** for their own sexual gratification anyway, and will see the bad contained by you no matter what you do, calling you a **** no thing what...even after they have their channel with you.

Bottom string: be a good woman so that you can find a angelic man. That is the only article that will make you at ease. And while a good man will forgive your olden, he surely would rather a woman be as pure as can be near regard to sexuality.
you are discouraging , because you never slept wit me
how old are you
At indistinguishable time? Ooo you're GOOD!

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