Are 16 inch biceps small?

i am just wondering if my arms are small they are 16inch ordinary they used to be alot bigger

If you're athletic (not fat), then they are big (even assuming that's the method of the flexed muscle). Of course, if you are basketball-tall they may be a little small, but if you are middle-of-the-road height, it's big contained by my book. My brother, for example, was 18 inches years ago; in a minute he is only 14.5 inches within arm size, and he still looks good (not skinny) and he is 6 foot tall.
No - they are comparatively big actually...what's the rest of you resembling?
Depends on your height/weight.

Someone like 5'5" near 16 inch arms is pretty big while someone who is 6'0" is a little bigger consequently normal within my eyes.
I would guess that is a wearing clothes size. Mine are 19 1/2" and people other say that my arms are huge.
Compared to Hulk Hogan they are puny

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