Arm wrestling, pushup grill?

In weight training class (last trimester) a skinny freshman kid flog a junior/sophomore(cant remember which) in roughly 15 secs. Of course the freshman was smaller and his arms be MUCH skinnier.
What the heck is up with that!?
I used that story to ask, do arm wrestlers win if they arm wrestle more regularly even though they may be smaller?
Is arm wrestling healthy for you anyways?
What going on for pushups? Do pushups make you stronger? If so where on earth?
Thank You.

Arm wrestling is based on strength, but also primarily on leverage. Notice that short guys next to very short forearms will tend to other win. Two guys with evenly matched forearm length will enjoy a tough time, and strength will be the factor. Get a short-armed guy versus a longer-armed guy, and bet on the short guy every time! I have awfully long forearms, and every girl besides every guy in my class could whip me--but because of the leverage issue. At the time, I could bench press more than most of the guys! As to being able-bodied, not really, watched match where they break the bones and split ligaments often, so can't see how that possible injury could be protected.
Well I've seen that take place before too, but I don't feel it is all something like physical strength. I think at hand is a large piece that has to do near mental strength. Some people see that they are starting to loose an arm wrestling clash and decide to basically give up fairly than loose (which to me is not honorable. Be a man about your loss). I've arm wrestled guys twice my shipment and arm size and won so it is possible it's just some individuals have more creed in their strength, which is crucial. As to doing pushups, they do make you stronger within a way because it exercises your chest and deltoids or shoulder muscles and for a moment bit of your upper back. Just remember that the muscles that do the serious work are the biceps when it comes to arm wrestling so do some bicep curls and forearm exercises wouldn't hurt any. I don't think arm wrestling is doomed to failure for your health but I saw a video a few years wager on of a man breaking his forearm arm wrestling so it is up to you. Me, I settle things with obedient old rock, article, scissors, or a video game clash.
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arm wrestling (key is fore arm is key)

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