Ingrown facial hair?

Does anyone else have this problem? It's so unbelievably annoying and I enjoy absolutely no perception how to stop it. It happens more on my collar than on my face, but does anyone know of any shaving creams or anything that prevents this?

Aveeno make a natural shave cream. Also Palmers shea butter formula lotion take the histamine out of your follicle so the hair can intervene through. It works wonders!
Use a shaving cream for sensitive skins. Shave in impossible to tell apart direction your beard grows. Ingrown hair is on the whole caused by shaving against the direction your beard is growing. Shave after you hold bathed or showered, this way your beard will become soft previously you shave. Avoid the use of aftershave(some men can't use aftershave at all). Change razorblades frequently before they win blunt. I also suffer from ingrown hair. The insist on I gave here help me tremendously. If I dare shave against the growth of my beard my neck looks resembling a piece of raw meat.
Purchase a product call Kiti Kiti. It has an entire rank of shaving creams and shampoos for razor bumps and keloids. Contact my distributor Chris at 708/692-5692.
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