What to do if the husband drinks day by day and making irritation to others?

Get a New Husband!
Leave him, he'll never change until he does something he can't conversion.
Do an intervention (books available in library) if this is affecting others within family, or friends and employer. Otherwise, attend Al-Anon meeting to see how to "let go" contained by love; to let walk doesn't mean to vacate (that may need to be done, subsequently on), but to let progress of the alcoholics problem, and concentrate on your own healing. Remember, adjectives addictions requirement others to be the enablers for the process to continue. Get serve...for you! Good Luck
leave him and marry next to other good character and if u love him then initiate him too right way
depends on what the irritations are...
carry him cleaned out and put him into a medicle facility that can help him stop drinking. trust me, it can find VERY bad if nought is done to stop it.

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