Whats an wonderful workout that incooperates muscle growth, and counterweight loss of excess weight for 3 months to 4 months length

I have to fit this agenda in to working from 8 to 5 Monday through Friday.
I do hold free weights at home and have access to a 24hr gym
It take an hr to get to work and an hr to achieve back home.
So far this is what I've planned jog 6:30 Am to 7 outdoors, and than get to work and workout 6PM to 7, 8PM and than chomp through dinner.

Answers:    eat dinner since you workout to enhance your metabolism to burn more fat. don't guzzle after 8 p.m to help near the process.

as long as your getting daily cardio surrounded by you seem fine. work your freewieghts follow this freeweight workout http://www.thetrainingstationinc.com/fre...

you hold a well perched plan going for you. good available job
I agree with the party above me, but eat pasta, that help energy smooth and it's easy to burn. Eat lots of fruits and vegtables, especially multicolored ones, that mode that they have resembling two kinds of vitamins and stuff.

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