Big willy or little willy? lol?

I am 5'9"---125lbs---81/2" Willy---I am not complaining---I can hold it down lovely--(I fit everywhere)
id fairly have sex near someone who knows how to use their average sized willy.
big willy and it's adjectives mine.
As long as it works and makes us joyful, I really don't care. My boyfriend have an average size and I am perfectly content...ably it could be bigger, but its o.k LOL
average, want to see
wha/t about/ in between /willy
my husbands willy...its great and huge and he know how to use it
Free Willy
******* is huge. I hope this helps. See you latter Willy!
1.) size dotn amtter, its how u use it

2.) the fmeale g spot is abotu 2 and a half inches insdie her

3.) they r more than one agency to pleasure a person and if u r willnig to pleasure them other ways, they should be liable to pleasure u mroe than one way

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