I've be looking into foreskin restoration, is T-tape method the best?

I am loosely circumcised, and I want to restore my foreskin. What is the easiest way to restore it? I? read roughly T-taping, but I was wondering if anyone else have done this?

A good place to ask stuff in the order of restoring is at a forum where there's a right number of restorers, such as here:
the closest I have come is when I overpump using a vacuum pump. the excess skin give an illusion of an uncut penis.
I'm afraid I don't know much in the region of it.
This however: http://www.norm.org/
is the The National Organization of Restoring Men, a non-profit support group for men who have concerns roughly speaking being circumcised, are considering foreskin restoration, or are within the process of restoring their foreskins.

It may be of assistance to you.
I don't know if that method's the best, but there are oodles options you can look into. Regardless, adjectives of them take time and dedication (months to years) to grasp the desired results.

See the links for some options that you might want to look into. Good luck near whatever you try and desire.

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