Penis press?

i ve been getting frequent erections for years presently and it just happen for no reason . i ve tried masturbation but that a moment ago prevents me from getting one for about an hour. what should i do!?

if your surrounded by your teens (or nearer to purberty), dont worry in the order of it... if your 20 soemthing or older travel to doctor
stop thinking about uncovered men
Tie it to the side of your leg. Duck tape works best
bring up to date it "no"
think of your mom and dad have sex
Clear you mind of every indecent thought as they come into you mind,think of somthing nonsexual

a craving usualy last 5 mins.

if it is an uncontroled reaction you are have, first relax

acknowlage it and move on and dont rate any more attention to it.

you will find it easier to control it if you dont add desire

my seggestions:
the trick is to mute or eliminate stimulation within the mind and body
read a book, call a friend do anything that isnt sexually related
eventually you should find it easier to control as you practice not going here

anyways good luck

if adjectives else fails you can articulate to a general drug doctor and they may know of some tricks to help
You could possibly do some exercises to help control it, or lately think give or take a few something to 'turn u off'

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