A guy told me he is "comatose down there"...?

what does this mean? Also...What is irrectile dysfunction??

he cant get hold of it up
The "tick tock" in the clock is gone!
Without knowing more in the region of your friend, I can't tell you what he vehicle. It generally resources he doesn't get an erection, but that doesn't notify us why. Does he not become aroused? Does he become aroused but not have an erection? Is nearby some physical reason he is not achieve an erection? This is basically what erectile dysfunction is - not individual able to enjoy or maintain an erection. There are lots of different reason and treatments, depending on the cause.
They both show basically impossible to tell apart. The man either cannot bring back an erection or loses it before completing intercourse.
I believe so. In other word, he might be impotent which is the incapability of sexual intercourse, habitually because of an inability to achieve or sustain an erection.
It's "erectile" dysfunction. Check out the relation below.
A guy saying he's "comatose down there" could mean plentifully of things. He could have a inherent problem, a health or STD issue, or he even could own sustained an injury to his genitals.
People with diabetes, for example, can own reduced sex drive. Sometimes even high blood pressure can motivation it, too! When was the ending time he had his blood pressure checked? (You didn't mention how outdated this guy is.)
Erectile Dysfunction means he cannot become sexually aroused, although he still may own strong emotional and psychological mood for women. If you feel you diligence about this guy, permit him know that it doesn't bother you or freak you out, and ask him if he's gone to a doctor. Guys have profusely of troub le talking in the region of this, so approach it carefully. He might hold written himself off, given up on getting lend a hand, but the help is out at hand. (These days, you see those ads for Viagra, Levitra, etc. These meds increase blood flow "down there") Do a websearch on Erectile Dysfunction. Doctors are still study about cause and treatment.
For the love of god......He has pneumoina, He have no strength to get it up...Not that he would want to.Please walk off that poor guy alone!!
you'll need to win more information before i can guess. but i would estimate thast he's telling you that it isn't unproblematic for him to get or state erections

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