Do you close to.?

do where do similar to hair on a girl? what do you close to in a girl physical [hair, rank, butt, etc.]?

Hair where ever it grows essentially is a turn on. Not too skinny. Anything else is unimportant. I suppose I could even overcome my prejudices and love an skinny woman near no body hair if her opinion of yourself and character be agreeable. But fortunately my wife has curves and quill, so life is well brought-up.
dark brown or blond spine, which is on her head, conceivably a little airstrip below, nowhere else. around 5'4" no shorter than 5' 3" no taller than 5' 7" 120-135 depending on height beside most of it in thighs and butt. impeccable breast size ios 34 or 36C.
nowhere...except on top of the commander... no where else.. and what i close to in a girl would probably be her facade... she's got to enjoy at least a pretty facade and an o.k. body.

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