Body odor? Please lend a hand.?

Serious answers only please. I hold showers twice daily, agree to my self dry before getting dressed, use deoderant, and cologne. My penis, ball, still smells bad right away, how can I fix this problem? I lone have sex right after a shower, because I know I smell down in attendance after a while. My boyfriend can go w/o a shower adjectives day, and he doesn't smell? What can I do to stop the smell? Also does trimming pubic quill help?

Get some "Zest" deodorant tavern soap (aqua fresh scented) it will help profoundly with your body odor. Get something approaching Tinactin Jock Itch AntiFungal Powder Spray for your groin. Spray it on the skin that is between your scrotum and legs. That will annihilate any fungus that can cause an odor.
Trimming the Hair will sustain,but use Baby powder all over your genitals and put some extra within your underwear after each shower. It will give support to you a lot.
That is a distressed thing. You might if truth be told make it worse by shaving. You should shower once a hours of daylight unless you are outside doing manual labor. Soak the full thing surrounded by a warm tub 2x a week. Too much wash can irritate the skin. If it smells it warrants a trip to the doctor. A spray deodorant might comfort until you can see the doc. ~GL
Hi, if you have sex straight after you shower and later don't wash down here after sex that is not going to assist, are you sure you smell bad? i miserable has your boyfriend ever said anything, it may powerfully be in you imagination.
Your penis smells because you're sticking it within a man's anus.
Vinegar rubbed into the armpits help control BO. Don't know more or less the pubic area.
Try keeping a contain of drizzling wipes within the bathroom. When ever you use the restroom use one and wipe yourself off for for a while refreshing. Trimming does help somewhat.

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