.duz size matta .embarrasd bout size of my willy.how small is small b4 it is a problem.mine is one and only 5 inches.?

6 inches is average.. any bigger and guys would be sitiin around suckin thier own duck..
ya size does matters .. only just relax now its solitary 3-4 inches small
I would'nt worry, thats around average.
Just remember it's how y use it.
my boyfriends is 5 inches and its the perfect size. dont verbs
don't worry, this is wat lead to ppl takin viagra and other wrong medications and make them impotent, be content with wat u hold
Sounds like you have need of a botox injection!
If it's 5" round when slack that ain't bad for a infantile 'un.
"It aint the nail i.e. going in it is the sledge hammer you are useing to push it in with"

So it aint the size to be exact the problem, the problem is do you know how to use it???? xx
How old are you? If you are fully grown mannish average is 5 - 6 inches. Ignore all of the small dicked mother Fu**ers who are moaning. Be positive, if you have have sex with a girl and cause her scream for more you must be fine.
If it help I am 14 and my penis is 4 inches and I still have more to grow atm (Overall, not freshly penis size).
Short and thick it does the trick but long and runny won't go contained by and don't agree with the ladies

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