Am I Overtraining And What Would You Recommend?

I'm a thin guy. Im 16 years elderly I want to increase the size and strength of my arms, chest,and tone my abs. I do 2 sets of 15 push-ups every afternoon, along with 30 jump squats and 30 sit-ups. Is this correct and what do you recommend?

Well you want to tone your abs then do some core workouts. If you want to gain weightiness then devour more food, focusing mostly on consuming protein. Eat peanut butter sandwich and a glass of undamaged milk b4 bed. Get some whey protein powder, pretty cheap from like a GNC or even at a target probably. Push-ups are unfaultable for getting bigger stronger chest and arms, you need to do more though, PUSH yourself! Don't forget to do pullups.
Dont do pushups everyday, I reflect you should do them every other day (as long as your not sore) but do more repetitions and more sets. You can do situps 6 days a week, but why purely situps? Theres so many different ab exercises, do adjectives of them, look them up online. Dont do the squats everyday either.

I consider you should be doing a lot more than what you nominated, especially if you want to see results. You will see next to zilch with what your doing. I dream up you need to sign up at a gym.

About diet, if you can drink more, eat more. Have more protein and carbs, most ancestors don't know that you also need carbs to build muscle. I mull over you should get protein powder and appropriate it after your workouts. If you cant eat more, of late get a immensity gainer shake instead of the protein and take that. It have protein and carbs and all the perfect stuff you need contained by it to gain weight.
That's not over training. Work your channel up to 5 sets each. Do them within a different order too every couple weeks to stress the muscles surrounded by a different way.

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