Another ask here..?

I was wondering why asians enjoy really small penis compared to the western countries. Is it because of the weather? the climate? Some answer because of their race, but I regard it's racist. There must be a substantial answer to this phenomenon. The largest asian could reach is probably six inches, but americans can grow it to twelve, as i've hear. What's happening?

why are you worried in the region of it
It's hereditary, penis size is adjectives. As for 12 inches, I think someone is delude themselves or at least trying to. Asians within general, are smaller contained by stature than say North Americans, who, within turn are usually bigger than Europeans statistically.

Penis size doesn't have anything to do next to body size, but most men are proportional. I'm sure there are some Asian men out in attendance packing some serious heat, only as there are some massively large European men who aren't.
How masses Asians have you see? It does not matter what your ethnicity is. That's resembling saying simply American women have sizeable breasts. And is THAT ever wrong. Ridiculous question!
The difference is not as great, statistically, as you are letting on. The average American and European is a moment ago under 6 inches. And just about anybody has 12 inches -- solely 5 % or so of men have anything over 7 and another 5% or so own anything under 4. The infinite majority 80% are within an inch or so of 5 5/8.
And I enjoy heard blacks own much bigger than the whites!
This all speak is childish. As rightly pointed out, 5 to 7" is normal average contained by all communities. You hear of 12", ppl say 9" may be the impede. Anyway, every woman can't be Pamela Anderson, similarly.....

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