Ater i *** i consistency guilty and it totally make me wanna quit have sex next to my girlfriend. what should i do?

is this normal? lol to me it dosent give the impression of being it.

I do not understand i***i but from the previous answer it seem to me you come too quickly. It is extremely natural surrounded by young men and the trick to hold on so that the partner can come too have to be learnt. It take time and your natural desire to form it nice for the partner. It is easier to increase the foreplay time arousing the lady so that she is in place to come too. You can also try having a run at it once you have achieve climax. Talk to you partner about it and she will be inclined to let you enjoy a second go at it
Then don't *** so summarily and think something like your girlfriends pleasure before your own.
marry her
try pulling out and playing beside your girlfriend a while until you ready to run for gold again... hopefully you play next to the rights spots and you can both experience orgasm together

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