Bladder issues- not outlook the urge to urinate until bladder is uncomfortably distended?

i never feel that urge of, "oh man, i enjoy to pee so bad." until i enjoy maybe 1000+ mL of urine surrounded by my bladder and it feels approaching it's unhealthily distended. (ive found that the average bladder capacity is single 400-600 mL.) i also find that after relieving myself my bladder feels "fatigued" or roughly achy after relieving myself and that this feeling is becoming more acute near time. im hoping this is isnt anything to be concerned about. contained by the past i would drink a total lot before i go to bed and just drank a great deal of fluids in common and i am wondering whether ive desensitized my bladder or possibly have undermined it from drinking so much fluids and not really peeing when i had the urge to pee. (im 22/male)

It's possible that your bladder have been desensitized if you've grown accustomed to allowing it to go and get that full. How are you determining that you have 1000 mL surrounded by your bladder -- are you able to in reality eliminate that much at one time? If so, you probably don't enjoy a serious problem yet, but it's possible that over time the effect of anyone stretched out that much will weaken your bladder's competence to empty itself completely, and this could front to an increased risk of infection from constantly retaining all that urine. The "achy" foreboding in your bladder is from stretching its muscles out to a point that's self-conscious, which over time (like for any muscle in the body) can create the muscles to increase their stretching ability, but also produce injury if overdone past the instinctive limits of the muscle.

There is a indiscriminate you could "retrain" your bladder to gain sensitivity when it's not quite so full if you engender yourself urinate on a schedule -- utter, every 2 or 3 (waking) hours for several days -- to allow the distended tissues time to shrink back to their "normal" state. You may not own the sensitivity you had formerly but it can probably get better than it is very soon. It also would probably be a good hypothesis to start this sooner rather than next, because the longer you keep going as you are immediately the more chance it probably have of becoming irreversible. At 22 your body tissues should still be relatively "young" and pliable and so you should probably still have a hit and miss of getting better if you want to try. If you're really concerned, chitchat with a urologist who will know how to inform you much better than anyone on this site. :)
!st you need a check up. For the time, you may pop in the loo frequently without the urge as overdistension of bladder is not honourable and will create more problems. Good luck!

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