After enjoy on her stern side..she used to lick my pennis for a while?

whether this will make any problem for her condition and viseversa

it might give her some impossible breath...
no it should not affect health
Depends on both your hygiene behaviour
She is licking residue from your bum bum.. That's not good.. Please support her if you care almost her.

Its not ethical too..
that's just plain harsh man,it would be like drinking feces,,,,at least verbs it for her first.
i dont know? ask your doctor... no experience here..
It shouldnt.. Maybe some bad breath.
Don't do it. Your girl risk serious infections/illness. She could achieve sick and so could you. Jeez. Bacteria in the anus does not belong anywhere else within the body. Anytime you have anal play, you rinse before doing anything else. All kind bad things can come up. Research anal sex safety.
she can bring serious illness from the microbes. if you have anal afterwards always verbs before you put it anywhere else.
It's her own 'backside' she is licking, no problem!
she should not do this, at hand are tons of germs in the anus and you can win alot of different infections from this practice go to and read the screened-off area on anal sex.
that's filthy, unsanitary & depraved. That's not how God intended sex to be. NEver!
that's disgusting man...

and after she licks it, i suppose you hand over her a thank you kiss too.!!

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