Boxers or breifs?

why do people utter breifs are better. i wear boxers and i think you stipulation to when you are young so you can grow.

I wear adjectives types but i like boxers or boxer briefs more
briefs are better for sports everything bounces around contained by boxers to much when your running :(
Boxers, like that fresh nouns i do :)
i dunno briefs are more protective, but i like boxers, and i approaching thongs too on girls if i see a girl with grannie panties c ya latter
briefs provide more support. you need that when you exert some shot with what you're doing similar to playing sports or lifting weights. i think it help avoid having some sort of hernia too. i wear them both. boxers whenever i'm at home/sleeping or not going to do anything that requires lifting. i wear briefs when i play sports, etc. but when i'm surrounded by the water, i run commando!
wear what ever makes you comfortable.
Briefs present support.
Boxers let your unwanted items breath and stay cool.
But whatever you do, when u start have sex one day.
don't show up contained by whitey tighties!
Boxers are wayyyyy sexier!
I wear boxers most of the time except when i go to gym or ride my bike. after i wear jocks or my g string. Like the feeling of my penis/balls baggy around during the day but close to support when i work out
I say boxerbriefs are really nice I find them to be the best looking
i be a long time brief user until boxers, really comfortable. briefs are best for protection, they are actually recommended by doctors if your varicose vein. when you do other fast pace activities you also involve them. but i can't help but estimate, isn't it more natural to purely let it haaang...weren't we born with nothing on. i guess people developed into have to wear briefs.
i used to wear breifs but they are way to hot and painfull they squeeeeeez ouch! wear boxers
Boxers, unless doing physical stir! Also commando on hot summer days!

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