Are manly porn stars REALLY that much bigger than regular men?

There are so many porn site showing tons of men who are "big." Is this common... or is this average? Just thinking along the lines of the average porn site.

porn stars are about twice the size of average men, its the with the sole purpose talent they have.
Why are you focused on the penis aspect? I thought you be straight if you watch porn... And yes, they almost other are bigger.
these guys are defn not norm

norm = 5.5 to 7.5 inches

these guys areflirting with over 8.5
no they arent.
Why you are so interested surrounded by Men.
I saw a woman smoke a cigerrette and the ash kept building up.Turns out she straightened a paper clip and the ash held. Maybe it's a big paperclip?
If you where on earth producing a Porn movie would you star average guys or the donkeys .Anyway whats average in what society .Are Orientals small contained by there own society or average .Are adjectives negros tall on average .explain to that to a pigmy.
Hey, IDK, but the biggest one I saw was contained by real duration. It was backbone in april 2006.after a dark of heavy drinking, I settled to pull within a rest stop along I-95 in north carolina. About rite when I be about to crash asleep, I get a knock on the was 2 guys truism they needed a being the nice guy I am and still buzzing, I said yes. They Invited me to thier trailer and 4 some apology I went. They turned out to be I sit on thier sofa as they smoked crack and made small talk. One of the guys go back within room and starting going with his wife (u could hear them) and he come out to say something 4 a sec and it be like he have a was partially way up his chest. Strange dark...very strane. I aint givin no more rides to strangers. I be in NC from Maryland to be at odds a speeding ticket I had get a month earlier.
Difficult to voice.With proper editing and proper lens application, anyone can appear 'big'. I suppose the average male is 5.5 inches, but can oscillate from 2-8inches.
At any rate, every physics major know that size doesn't matter; its how you apply the force.
i focus they are. becuase keep within mind the average is 5-6 inches, and many porn stars are bigger next that. i think plentifully of them take penis enlargment pills, and the ones that are naterally big, economically, i gess they wanna show off here tool, like u know, approaching u wouldnt find a guy who is 5 inches on a porn site, cuz its not good plenty, nor something the guy would want to show off (i think)
Yes. It's standerd practice contained by the US porn industry to hire males with a nice "package".

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