Any woman have experience around :erection shuting down during sex?

any of you have any experience or know nearly it please help me: that if the man have prostheise sometimes their erection shuts down after some it normal? or you ever obverse it.its frustrating and i tried to understand if its roughly attraction but he refused and adjectives he said its he has problem and its related to his prob,,if anyone have experience please help. i have it in mind he can easily obtain hard and he get normaly but sometimes after 5min it shuts down

yes , its normal. it happen to me some time. it's becoz your partner , make you loose attraction . it happen with you as in good health.. did you ever remember when you are makin love and you suddenly become dry. its the same entity with your partner. he loose erection. i hope you get your answer.
well i wouldnt know
but i know its not attraction its his problem
as a guy i can read out even something disgusting looking wont just shut down an erection lickety split
it's happen to me a couple times. i used to think that it must be me. resembling maybe i'm not attractive adequate, but then you realize that you're surrounded by the middle of having sex. it's adjectives him. try not to get down roughly it.
if you arent married to him its none of your business, look for a different guy.
It has nought to do with you, its his problem. I do it too, for some justification I just loose it during sex and it happen using Viagra too. I'm sure its psychological. Does he masturbate OK? That may be something to pursue.
i've never lost mine, it may get soft between actions but regains it's stiffness right away

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