Am i Overweight?

Ok i am 13 and I am roughly 5'10 and about 207 pounds. I know im overweight by comparatively a bit. But alot of it is muscle. I lifted my 130 pound friend rotten the ground the other day. Back to the press. I was freshly wondering if I am so over weight I call for help or am I ok?

i checked some BMI meter and it say that you are overweight but idk, your muscle might cancel out any discouraging effects. It depends if you're in shape or not. If you are, it does not concern. It might just be your body type.
if your a boy its fine if your a girl what the hell are you taking manly hormaounes
don't believe anything anyone here tells you, consult a doctor
i reckon u are supposed to be like 180 but hell i dont mind u mortal 207. I would happy that are just like 20 lbs over afterwards like 150 u would be to scrubby then.
I'am gonna voice no.
Answer this to your self you get puffing fast?
2. Can you stand for at smallest a hour?
3.Can you get up sour the floor from a sitted position easily?
If you own problems with any of these next try walking alot,drink alot of water at least possible 8 glasses,cut out some suger not adjectives but some and see if that helps.Being so immature and male you shouldn't own a problem dropping a few pounds.Get a adult to lend a hand you set a weight loss plan resembling walking and water,and stick to it for a month.See what happen
You are Overweight almost obese your BMI is 29.7, 25-29.9 is overweight more is normal solidity, I'm underweight :( I'm better at losing weight than achievement it -.- anyways hope this helps you
for 5'10 near mucles your not overweght by much

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