Ace krazy over here!!!...

what you were saying before im currently 12 turing 13 in october and every now and again i get pains for no reason please help me heres my email address contact me i need lots of help ( im a good fighter(f -5.4)

To be honest, i had the same problem as u when i was around your age, except i didnt get kicked in the balls very often. I masturbathe every day and i started getting sharp pains in the penis area. Go to your parents and ask them, or an adult u feel comfortable with, i wasnt embarrased to tell my mother, so u shouldn't either.

U could have an infection or something, anywayz the doctor will take physically exam ur penis, then u may take a urine test.

i cant help u any more, tell an adult about your problem, i cant see whats wrong with your penis

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