A sound out for a guy?

I wanna shave my pubic hair, and idk if I should a short time ago use a razor and shaving cream, or what? What would you suggest, or what did you use if you hold before?

use VEET

no dicey shaving that way ;)

dont use a blade its gonna itch like crazy, use clippers
i shave adjectives the time.
and basically.
i lately use a razor and heat water.
i do it surrounded by the shower.

i find shaving cream doesnt make a huge difference, so i dnt use it.

only remember, after shaving dont apply any creams to the shaved area otherwise it'll clog the pores and thats what make it red and itchy.

good luck.
i would use "NADS" its the best and it does not hurt and it last almost 2 weeks
I have done it both ways within the beginning. presently I just drizzling up in the shower and shave. Before you shave for the first time any take a trimmer or a duo of scissors to trim down some before you shave that nouns.
i think you should rip the hair out one by one
First trim with scissors afterwards razor and shaving cream. ~GL
I'm a girl but my ex used to do it adjectives the time. Do you own head clippers? If not buy them- shave near that with no attachement on the clippers to offer you short hair. You may be cheerful with it purely like that, if not- consequently after you have shortened the fuzz, shave with plenty of shaving cream and a alien razor
If you must shave afterwards trim the hairs down after a shower beside scissors and a comb . The hairs should be pretty short so use the comb to avoid nippin your nuts. Apply shaving gel and tolerate the foam sit for a couple of minutes so it can soften the curls and make it easier to cut.

Shave beside the growth, being vigilant not too put too much pressure on the blade or go over like peas in a pod place more than twice. Use any razor beside 3+ blades and a good shaving gel, it make a world of a difference,.

Electric razors are even easier so if you get the access then cool.
if i be u i would just trim it down shaving it is going to be problems its outstandingly easy to go and get razor boils down near especially when the hair starts to regrow its going to prick u and thats totally painful,the hair can cause u to draw from boils and thats nasty.i typically just trim it and i am adjectives good
i would use any shaver it doesnt really business but it does if you have a kinkey girl friend
i am shaving my pubic hair since long and i have used cut-throat and shving cream as well as hiar removing cream. but the best solution is to use quill remving cream. razor also does not create any preoblem but i dont resembling it. no preoblem ever has occured to me beside any method. but never use a puller or threading on pubic hair.
i will suggest first to use a cut-throat for few months then switch towards fuzz removing vream , using razor first eleiminates too much sensitivity of pubic skin and afterwards there is no hit and miss of any irrtation from haor removing cream.
Well, don't shave it completely, trim it down really really short though, with a well brought-up razor, not the disposable ones!

After you trim next to scissors or a good blade (kinda like a barbers razor), next you take the crappy blade (disposable) and shave the outline of where you trimmed so it looks shipshape & not messy!

Completely shave the shaft, no hair stipulation be on there.

Shaving your ball is VERY easy, the cut-throat just slides over the skin clearly!

look in a mirror as very well to make sure it's adjectives even!


Disposable Razor
Barber Like Razor
Shaving Cream

When shaving your area for the first time, it's essential to know which way to fly the razor, if not you get stubble! You will know by instinct which track to go if you focus complicated! lmao.. good luck!
i shave mine every second daytime and just use a blade with shaving cream. it will itch a bit the first time you do it and if you consent to it go for more than a few days.
only just trim a little if you wanna be on the secure side. away from ingrown hairs, bumps, and scar. pubic hair also might protect against infection and product pheromones that attract nation. if you do decide to shave, use a fresh shaver, good cream, shave beside the hair not against it, and razor aren't recommended its the electric but if you gotta you gotta. use powder and moisturizer, wear boxers or go commando. its going to be itchy as heck.

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