Blood contained by semen when ejaculate?

Ok here's the deal. This happen to me like a year ago and it stained my bed near a little red spot. And it happen just yesterday but never contained by between. Usually in the shower I can see it and it looks mundane. Yesterday there be a slight burning sensation and when I checked it happened again. I am starting to take worried but I'm shy to see a doctor or tell my parents.

i detest when i see questions resembling this. what in the hell are you waiting for? for you to die! dude shift to your dad and go see a doctor if you haven't.
Get over the shyness and share your parents and see a doctor. Somnething like that can be serious.
ohh my you might hold an std
you do not need to be shy in the region of something like that.if nil else, just convey your parents you need to be in motion to the doctor for whatever and only just tell your doctor.but GO TO THE DOCTOR.IMMEDIATELY!...
How rough are you handling your section? You could be causing slight abrasion inside if you are handling it hard.. are you using any irritating lubes to shake off approaching shampoo? If so, stop. since its happenned so rarely, I wouldnt wory (Im not a dr.) but if you hold any other symptoms such as painful pissing, stomach pains, bloody stool, dont be shy and tell to your parents.
Hope this helped some.
P.S. Are you have sex? that might change my anser and I would enlighten you to see a health perfectionism provider now contained by case of std.

Ok SInce you arent have sex, the std is out. I dont think its serious since you arent have any pain or huge amounts of blood loss. It might be tought but lay sour the jacking for a few days and give your penis some time to restore to health. If it continues, talk to someone. Hope this help!
You need not verbs about it. It will be alright inside few days. Avoid masturbating or sexual act for few days. If it persist please consult your family phycisian

Check these sites for more information
my boyfriend have that problem and i looked it up its just your penis get clogged with semen
Absolutely in need question you obligation to see a doctor. I say this because you are so infantile and if you are not having sex, this is conspicuously an abnormal frequency.
You should be worried and go to the doctor. Tell your dad that you hold a private problem involving blood that needs to be address.
Medical Fact:
Semen does not come in contact near Blood. Blood cannot be in semen.
If you are within fact have bleeding it is not a part of your semen. The blood is coming from another source ie bladder, tip of the penis
is it conceivably a urinary tract infection of some sort see a doctor please!
men with red or yellowish semen should urgently seek the proposal of family physician.
Just stop masturbating for a few days or weeks or do it 3 or 4 times a week.Don't be too rough and be lenient.If you ride the bike too much then something is bound to break.
sign that you testicals are dying, be in motion see your doctor. it could also be that you masturbated to much. either passageway still see your doctor. don't be shy or your testies will die. do it for jim and bob your best friends...they would hate to see your testies phil and jake die.

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