A ? for fully grown men solely.Why would a man masturbate?

My husband and I have be married fou 10 yrs. We are in our 50s.After we be married for a year or so ,I started to wonder wht he didn't want sex.To make a long story short,I found out that he masturbates and that he prefers this to me.He won't detail me why he prefers this only that its not me.I am especially hurt over this.He is very suitable to me other than this.Can anyone tell me why he is similar to this?

their is nothin wrong with u
u some culture get obsesed next to masturbation and it takes over their lives. u should ask him how regularly he does it
if its more thn 6 times a day u should assist him not do it and focus on u more
probably looking at porn if he does it by a computer or tv
IDK But he may be cheating on u with a guy
Just Kidding
try to capture a declaritive awnser from him. have u ever hear or seen od a show call 'sex and the city?' one of the lead females have a husband (on show) who was doing matching thing. to point it straight, he could just finish when he wasnt able to own the person he be fantiszing but when and when he could he couldnt finish. May its the same problem?
I know I am NOT a ripened guy but I have some warning. I'm guessing he does this becasue he's used to it. He probably has be masturbating more then have sex in his duration, so he does that more. But, considering the fact thatr men LOVE sex, It's a bit confusing. I recommend you manufacture a nice dinner with a candle lit room and consequently after wards obtain into something sexy and try to turn him on by four play or things like that. (Blow job, porn, letting him watch you play beside yourself.) Try those kinds of things at first and he should want you more later his hand. I'm sure he would a prcieate it and I knwo you will, too.
yur repugnant,his hand is pretty? who know what goes on surrounded by some mens heads? it is a frontier explicitly scary for sure? one item I know is that men are visual, women are wild?somewhere in the middle of adjectives that is an answer?I agree that it could only be habitual accomplishment? Fantasy to the 12th degree?you want to interact with him and nudge him contained by the direction that you need for fulfillment? explain that to him.
There are some penny-pinching bastards on your answer list!

I be going to be one of them but. today is a new daytime

1) Not to be mean: how:would you rate your physical appearance. If it average or worse what can you do to better tyourself curls cut, lose weight, moisturizer, sexier clothing, brush ur teeth JK...
2) Be more sexual: when he's jacking sour... politely walk to him smiling and contribute a BJ no talking. When hes done newly smile and go on near your business
3) Lessen the tension by smiling and offering yourself to him. Ask him what he like in PORN breed it spontaneous DO IT!!
4) Make him feel you want it from him. Make him perceive like a childlike man.
5) Don't complain too much. Nobody likes sex near a nagging wife..

Good Luck
because it feels obedient,and it dont ask silly questions,similar to why do men masterbate,why do woman masterbate ?
This might come as a bit of a shock to you, but your husband is probably gay, I am a gay man and the amount of married men stuck in straight relationships is alot difficult than you might think, he probably loves you tremendously much but his needs are different. Hope I enjoy not offended you, butit seem the most obvious answer to me, if you would resembling to chat further email me back purloin care


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