do you think we're pretty?
be honest.

brunette - xhayley
blonde- xoxo;; ashley

Most definatly, but study out for the online perverts.

Palfrey, your an IDIOT.
yeah - I think so.
ya i regard as you girls are attractive
You girls are OK.
yuk! your faces are adjectives scrunched up?
Cute. I close to the kissing pose too, it's very...I don't really know what word I'm looking for near.
No, I'm not a boy... but...
you girls are pretty in your own ways.

HOWEVER. you don't requirement some random guys (ew - who know how old they are) on here looking at your picture and recounting you you're pretty to feel gorgeous. get some existing self-confidence, it will help you out greatly.
the girl on the right looks like she stayed surrounded by the sun too long
blond rocks no matter what!!
I hold two words for you.

However, they will make your brain explode, because the words own more than five letters, and clearly you are too stupid to process any word next to more than two.

Pretty young!!
very well both of you remind me of a pyro blast, but i must say that blondey is deffinatly my type and the blast billow of you 2, you said honest, not nice
narcistic biatch ;]]]]
Not sure what this has to do near mens health. But sure you girls are pretty. But smoothly pretty. You do not have to pose beside pouty lips. They be too far out pull them stern in a bit. Push up bra etc? you don't necessitate it. The only article this does is attracts older men. Boys you age will find you attractive. Try to attract guys your own age or somewhat bit older. Look out for respectively other.
not realy the white one needs a boob charge
Of course. You're not only pretty, you are truely charming unique creations of God. Be positive with how your Father made you and rejoice contained by being you.

And quit trying so intricate, be who you are :) Act naturally you and things will transpire as they're meant to. Enjoy existence each sunshine and live with no regrets!
you look totally cyber- and superficial...both of you.

and how bout a smile, not a duck face.
U get fish lips =0
mmmmmmmmm..2 things wallow in life n fu ck around a LOT
You both are hideous and superficial. You owe me a unusual screen.
Do u guys enjoy down syndrome?

the brunette literally looks like a fish..even short the lips..
Hayley and Ashley, you are both remarkably cute and should not get dragged down by the other posters. You do not involve other people to grain good almost yourselves, and don't stress so much about what folks think. There are probably a dozen guys you know that enjoy crushes on you and can't work up the nerve to explain to you :)
While you might have some clothed hooters the silly pucker lip thing make me think of simply one thing...and it aint nice. If I be 17 I wouldnt kick you out of bed..but im not so i wouldnt even consent to you in my bed.
Please check your spelling. Boys don't want to ruminate that you are a dumb blond.

Seriously, this is a self-esteem question. Remember that attractiveness is not only skin vast but also comes from a sound mind and a flawless heart. The narcissistic or self-centered character always asks other society for assurance. The narcissist tests out his/her self-esteem by asking, "how do I look?" and also by staring surrounded by the mirror. A person next to self-esteem accepts her or his body, flaws or not, and is emotionally lively and loving toward others.

P.S. Boys worry too much in the order of the size of their penis--too big or too small. Girls are anxious about their breasts.

In a grown relationship women will like touching and reaction his manhood and the love and pleasure it gives. Men will find erotic pleasure within caressing and lovingly kissing her breasts.
I preder brunettes but youre both pretty..but too immature to tell...things are going to grow and parts are going to convert. Be cool and patient.
ya never know what may arise....
good luck
Both of you are extremely Hot!!
you look resembling you're about twelve. this isn't myspace, why would you post pictures of yourself on here, honestly dance out and have fun. don't post a gross superficial picture of yourself on here for adjectives the online perverts to look at.
wht a way to post ure self on the internet
i can see why thy stare at ure boobs ashley dont be ashamed
find the right guy tht enjoy u more thn ure breast
yes u do look pretty

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