Can a 14 years older gain sixpacks? i really want to lose bulk but i don't know what to do.?

i need to lose cargo so i can go swimming contained by summer for the girls.

No the legal drinking age is 21.
yeh you crunches
no 2 childish.but wat u can do is do sit-ups alot,n you'll develop it while ur gets rid of ur bulging stomach.
yes, start doing lots pf physical distraction and cut out the junk
Yes 14 year olds can acquire abs. Play sports, eat right and do not pig out infront of the computer *looks at potato chips*... Do profoundly of sit ups.
I just suggested this to another entity who wants to catch into shape.. do what the football players do.. find a jock and ask him what he does.. it will work for you..
sure anyone can get a sixpack. if you want to loose immensity, try excersising for at least 30 mins a year. eat more greens and 3 meal a day next to only 1 snack (dont over get through or eat 6 small meal a day) try eating more full-bodied foods over chips and ice cream. avoid in haste food

excersise is the key, even glib stuff like walking and riding your bike around insted of drving places close by.
if you wanna lose substance, just drink whatever you want but DON'T EAT TOO MUCH..and,, lift a lot of exercise.,"U

read this page. i recommend it for adjectives these types of questions.
Yes you can achieve a six-pack, Being fourteen your metabolism should be tweaking right now so it shouldn't be too ever so hard, but you involve to work hard to find it. Run, swim or bike ALOT, do crunches, drink alot of water( at least 8 cups a day), do more crunches. Cut subsidise on sugars, sodas, candy bars, gator-ade. Go buy a Muscle Fitness mag, they usually own a ton of articles with insane ab work outs( that don't necessarily use weights) and diets to undamagingly use fat consignment.
well first u enjoy to get rid of that excessive covering of belly fat thats surrounded by front of ur abs. do cardio: jump rope, run, hurry, do yoga. to get the six pack u will enjoy to do lots of situps and crunches. its not gonna come easy, but beside hard work and determination, it will come. o yea and other eat right, u know not a great deal og fatty foods and eat lots of protein.

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