Am I done growing?

I am six feet, three inches towering. I am fourteen year old. My father is two inches taller than me and my mother is nine inches shorter than me. My uncle is six foot, seven inches tall and my grandfather is six foot, two inches tall. Am I done?

Wow; angelic for you! We cannot tell you if you're done, but I doubt you are if you're solely 14. You can grow right up to the age of 21.
lol.nope. you gonna get taller. Which is not necessarily a impossible thing.
conceivably, maybe not, individual time will tell..
you'll be done when you're around 21. but that doesn't tight you'll experience any more growth spurts. just get through good and exercise
Well you never know if your done untill more or less 17, but since you are only 14 you are probably not fairly done yet.
you probably hold a few more inches to go.
i aspiration i was as towering as you.
i'm 13, and 5'3"
very soaring, i like soaring, shame im 17 and u 14... anwyays, i guy in my institution aroudn that tall, i am not sure wether or not he have grown sense i first saw him as a freshman when i was a sohpmore

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