Bigger nouns?

im a 20 yr old manly and im curious what u can do to make ur d¨Ścolletage bigger? my neck starts smaller at the bottom, bigger at the top...if it be the other way around i reason it would be alot better lol.maybe its cuz im still infantile? ..working out ur neck probably? but how?


Find a body building site and have a look to see how to do 'shrugs or rolling shrugs'.

Basically you hold a bulk in respectively hand, stand straight, arms by sides next LIFT your shoulders and roll them forwards or backwards, keeping your arms hanging by your sides.

Stand contained by front of a mirror, no weights and try it, 10 forward, rest then ten backwards.

Rest for 1 minute, next repeat do 5 more lots (sets).

I guarantee you will feel the effects.

Try buying a bungee cord. Tie it around the top of your cranium and pull on it near your arms causing resistance. Use a headband to prevent scratch your head. This might be the most cost influential way for you to rid yourself of this horrible problem. There are some machines at the gym that oblige the neck. Thats another odds.
Exercise with free weights instead of the machines. They brand name you use all sorts of addition muscles that don't get worked on the Nautilus machines and the similar to. Especially shoulder and upper back and pec exercises.
run to a local gym or a friends house dat has cargo and do some squats .

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